About SEO Software: Our Story

SEO software is the latest endeavor from the founders of top online marketing firm SEO Advantage. We don’t make software, and we don’t sell it, either.

What we do is use SEO software every day, with clients from businesses in every type of industry, and the most important lesson we�ve learned in nearly 15 years of building and promoting websites is that there�s no single software solution that fits every business.

How it Started

As we’ve watched the SEO software industry emerge over the years, one thing has remained constant: no single product has ever been perfect for all industries and business types. This isn’t a failing of the software companies at all, but a testament to the great variety of products and services that have embraced online marketing and SEO.

It has resulted in the most wonderful problem for the SEO industry – an abundance of choices, all of which have different features and unique strengths. To some that abundance means that they use whatever is newest, or what’s most popular at the time. For them, that’s good enough.

But “good enough” isn’t good enough for us. Part of that comes from our high professional standards. The rest – well, the thing is we just love exploring software and technology, and we really, really love figuring things out.

Trying out the latest software and assessing what types of businesses can most successfully use available features is something we’ve been doing for our marketing clients for years. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes in all sorts of industries, and we know what works when it comes to connecting people and businesses to the right SEO software.

What We Do

In a way we’re like matchmakers. We learn about your wants, needs and goals, and then we introduce you to your perfect software match – one that will give you all the tools to accomplish the SEO that your business needs without all the drama.

In this case, drama means software that does everything except what you need it to do, software that offers features you can’t implement without an advanced technology degree, or software with lots of flashy components that don’t really apply to your business’s SEO needs at all.

We help you avoid the drama by pairing you with the right software to begin with, and then by making sure that everyone on your staff who will be using the software receives the training and materials they need to get the most out of our recommendations.

What Makes Us Different

We don’t align with any specific SEO software companies, and we never will. Assessing software for its strengths, weaknesses and potential uses is our job. That’s where our connection to online marketing works for you. As marketers, we’d be pretty lazy if we stuck with one software package. We have to know and understand every piece of available SEO software so that we can make the best choices for our marketing clients.

The benefits of our approach pass right along to you, even if you aren’t looking for marketing assistance. You’ll be supported by a team of marketers who have done all of the things you need to do with software, and we won’t be satisfied until you and your team are power users, just like us.

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